We've complied a delivery toolkit just for you. It's a list of software, gadgets, tools and service providers that our office team and crew use on a daily basis, that make our work faster, simple and more accurate. We hope the toolkit will help you understand how we operate, and aid you in planning and executing your very own yacht delivery. We're always adding to or refining our toolkit, so check back in the future for updates. 

Windy is an interactive world map weather forecast that is visually appealing, practical and intuitive to learn, with easy to use overlays. It has proven accuracy from surfers, kiters, boaters, fisherman and pilots. The app provides wind, clouds, temperature, rain, snow, swell / waves and atmospheric pressure extended forecasts for ten days. It uses three different models: ECMWF 9km, GFS 22km and NEMS 4km. 

These are the Australian Indexes of nautical charts, hanging on our office wall. AUS5000 covers the northern portion, and AUS5001 covers the southern portion. They help with preliminary passage planning and to decide what charts are needed for the passage (large, medium and/or small scale). We simply put a pencil circle around all chart numbers that we have in our library, so we can easily determine if we need to purchase additional charts for a voyage. 

Do you need paper charts on-board? Yes, always. Recreational vessels are often required to have either paper or electronic charts. What happens when the electronic chart plotter fails? It's not a matter of if, but when. It will fail one day. And that's when you need an up-to-date position log, and paper charts. Nautical publications such as Admiralty Sailing Directions (or Pilots), Admiralty Tide Tables, Australian National Tide Tables (AHP11)Admiralty List of Lights and Fog Signals, Seafarers Handbook for Australian Waters (AHP20), Australian Chart and Publication Maintenance Handbook (AHP24) and more, are all found at the Australian Hydrographic Service webpage www.hydro.gov.au or the Admiralty webpage www.admiralty.co.uk

eNotices is a service issued by the Australian Hydrographic Service to simplify the process of keeping paper charts (and nautical publications) updated. This saves time, because we no longer need to wade through piles Notice to Mariners (to find the NTM's that apply to our portfolios). Rather, we register our chart portfolio with eNotices via the AHS website (http://www.hydro.gov.au/enotices/enotices.htm) and then automatic emails are sent to us whenever there is a correction to the registered charts and publications. Easy and efficient!

Ventusky is another free, high quality app that displays meteorological data from around the world. It uses three models: ICON, GFS and GEM. It visualises wind data nicely, using current lines in the same way that liquids are illustrated.

Predict Wind touts themselves as the world leader of wind forecasting. Using four different models, PWG, PWE, ECMWF and GFS, they offer a free version and paid version. The free version is great, but doesn't allow departure planning and weather routing. You can use the PredictWind app and website for inshore sailing, or PredictWind Offshore Apps for offshore voyages. We mostly use the offshore app, as it allows GRIB file viewing and satellite phone connection for downloads (we often use the Iridium GO! sat phone). We've found it to be very reliable and accurate, and use it as a primary weather forecasting tool. 

A tiny satellite phone device that packs a punch. It's the first ever reliable global Wi-Fi voice and data connection for your smartphone. This portable and rugged unit creates a reliable global connection for voice and data communications for up to five different devices (smartphone, tablet or laptop). This means that mobile devices are now global mobile devices; the GO! acts like a global cell phone tower. Voice, SMS, email, social and data. You need to download the Iridium GO! app and Iridium Mail app to integrate your device with the GO!. We love the GO! because of it's seamless integration with the PredictWind app. See link for details: https://www.predictwind.com/iridium-go/

Great Circle are based in Brisbane, Australia, and offer marine safety products for sale or for hire (anywhere from one week, to many months). The majority of what DMY uses Great Circle for, is to hire life rafts for vessel deliveries. For yachts that spend the majority of their time on inshore or partially smooth waters and not equipped with a life raft, hiring a raft for the delivery voyage can make economical sense. 


Life rafts are classified as dangerous goods (as they contain pyrotechnics) and so they are generally freighted by truck within Australia, rather than by air. By truck, rafts can reach most places within one to four days. When they are shipped overseas, of course they need to travel by air, and as such need to go through a dangerous goods clearance process, and obtain a dangerous goods compliance certificate, which adds an extra day or two, time and cost. 


Circle partner with various dangerous goods logistics providers, including Dangerous Goods International www.dgiglobal.com and Enlog www.enlog-aus.com, and together can champion the entire process of getting a life raft to most places worldwide. To allow these guys to handle these logistics is well worth the spend - trust us. 

A very handy GPS tracker. Spot offers a simple and convenient method for tracking and sending your GPS position outside of cellular coverage. The push of a button can send your coordinates to a shore based contact, or to emergency rescue authorities. It also integrates with Google Maps. 

Boat Books Australia is the largest chart agent in the Southern hemisphere. They carry all of the Australian charts, British charts and New Zealand charts, and supply many commercial ships throughout Australia. They provide navigation equipment, software, electronic chart systems, cruising guides (local and overseas), pilots and more. 

On our experience, their customer experience is second to none. Wayne has gone out of his way outside of business hours on a weekend, to meet our crew in-store so that they have up-to date paper charts for a delivery has has required late notice departure. Thanks always to Boat Books for your outstanding service. 

The Marine Traffic app helps us to track the position and progress of our vessels on delivery. The app uses AIS to display vessel positions on a map in close to real-time. Vessels can be stored in favourites, so multiple vessels can be tracked simultaneously. Aids in effective fleet management when several vessels are under way at the same time. A satellite AIS plan is also available which provides better coverage. Vessel owners can download the free version, search for their vessel name, and track their vessel during the delivery voyage. 

The Navionics app is simply an electronic chart plotter for your tablet or smartphone. As a mariner, you know that you should always use minimum of two sources / methods of obtaining position fixing data. It provides an additional level of redundancy, but we don't suggest reliance on such a product exclusively. Due to the limitations of recreational GPS receivers, we also suggest using such a product with care, keeping in mind it's known limitations.


That said, it is very handy. A tablet (in a waterproof case) can be mounted in the cockpit, or sleep with your device below decks to keep an eye on position, course and speed whenever you need (without having to go above decks). Handy, convenient, but tread carefully. 

Pocket Grib is a simple and easy to use ap. As the name suggests, it allows the user to download GRIB files (GRIB files are very small, so when offshore with limited coverage, these files can obtained relatively quickly via cellular data or satellite phone connection). The app allows you to download and view global weather data including wind, precipitation, pressure, temperature, wave data and more, and display it via a map overlay, meteogram or raw data. Data can be displayed online or offline. 

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